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5 Side Effects of Tea That Will Make You to Drop the Cup.


Can’t survive without your day by day up of tea? All things considered, you are not the only one. For a considerable lot of us, how great or terrible our day runs is regularly connected with how we begin it and some tea is maybe the most well known approach to kick begin your day. Not just this, “chai” is our most loved partner with regards to pulling through long, debilitating days at work. While there’s no mischief in tasting a container or two of tea to keep yourself alarm on a dull day and revive your faculties, exorbitant tea utilization may have certain reactions that you might not have considered up to this point.

1. Dehydration

An excessive number some tea a day can abandon you got dried out. Dr. Simran Saini, Nutrionist at Fortis Hospital in New Delhi, clarifies, “Abundance ea utilization implies overabundance utilization of caffeine. This can decrease the retention capacities of your tubules, which can abandon you dried out. I wouldn’t prescribe drinking more than three containers every day regardless.”

2. Bloating

Feeling enlarged of late? May be you’ve drinking excessively tea. The caffeine introduce in the tea may cause swelling in a few people. Bangalore-based Nutritionist Dr. Anju Sood clarifies, “Overabundance utilization of tea may cause drying out which calls for undesirable water maintenance and along these lines, you may feel enlarged.”

3. May Cause Vital Nutrient Deficiencies

As per Dr. Simran Saini, “Abundance utilization of tea may block retention of basic supplements like iron by the body.” Some examinations have demonstrated that dark tea may diminish the assimilation of iron.

4. Can Get You Addicted

One of the most noticeably bad symptoms of expending overabundance tea is that you can undoubtedly get dependent on it. The caffeine in tea makes it addictive. Dr. Simran lets us know, “When consistent tea consumers don’t get their day by day container in the meantime, it can abandon them tired, lazy, and touchy and cut down their vitality levels.” Some individuals may even experience cerebral pains and exhaustion until the point when they get their day by day standard of three to some tea.

5. Anxiety and Restlessness

Tea helps in boosting your vitality levels and livening you up yet over the top caffeine admission can incur significant injury on your psychological wellness and influence you to feel more on edge, eager and even restless.


Anything when devoured in overabundance will have its repercussions. On the off chance that devoured with some restraint, naturally fermented tea offers some medical advantages however you should remember the reactions of tea.


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