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Try Making this “Ultimate Kaju Badam Katli”.


Each sister who has a cherishing, irritating and patronizingly-defensive sibling know exactly how uncommon a celebration Rakshabandhan is. You tie a rakhi around his wrist, give him a sweet- – and he gives you a blessing, and guarantees to remain close by dependably all your life.


Frankly, this sibling sister association is considerably more important than some other relationship today. Furthermore, you have to ensure you have the ideal courses of action for the uncommon event that, tragically, comes just once per year.


So overlook desserts you can arrange from your nearby halwai. Make this super-simple Badam Katli as an uncommon treat for your sibling. Believe us when we say, he’ll cherish the way that you made something starting with no outside help for him. Look at the simple formula we have for you here.




2 cups almonds

1 cup sugar

1/2 cup milk

5 tbsp ghee

1/2 tsp cardamom powder

2 tbsp pistachio and almond, chopped, for garnish


Method  :


  1. Absorb the almonds water overnight, or bubble them for 10 minutes in water. Deplete the almonds, and take the skins off. Give them a chance to dry out on a towel.


  1. Put the almonds in a mixie or nourishment processor, and crush them to a fine powder.


  1. Warmth the ghee, drain and cardamom powder in a substantial, non-stick dish. Include the sugar, and cook the blend till the sugar disintegrates totally.


  1. Presently include the almond powder, and blend everything completely. Keep cooking till the mixture is somewhat sticky and wet, yet not dry.


  1. Move the mixture into a lubed plate, top with slashed almonds and pistachio, and let it chill off and dry out in a cool place. Once the batter sets totally, cut it into jewel or square-molded katlis.


Store the barfi in a water/air proof container in the icebox. You can make it a night prior Rakshabandhan, or any day you like- – it totally relies upon the minute when you need to treat your sibling to this delectable little barfi.


What’s more, guess what? This formula is easy to the point that possibly, your sibling can make it for you too!


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