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Top 5 Bengali dishes that are so simple that you’ll fall in love.


Along these lines, you are practically here, and you’re outfitting to take off to some pandal in your city to experience bona fide Bengali nourishment. You may have officially checked your companion list via web-based networking media to look at all your Bong companions who can take you along on a visit.

Yet, enable us to share this little diamond of counsel which each Bengali knows: The nourishment served at Puja pandals is nothing contrasted with the dishes Bengalis appreciate at home each day. Their concept of sustenance – and trust us, their concept of nourishment is very inside and out and over the top – is about solace and the basic delights of home cooking.

No pandal slow down offers much else besides mukhorochok (actually, what bids to the taste buds) nourishment that you can appreciate on occasion, and they’re not parts of any Bengali’s everlasting sustenance dreams. On the off chance that you don’t trust us, simply specify any of the dishes we’ve recorded here, and you’ll realize what we mean.

These dishes are a portion of the best flavors Bengali food brings to the table, and they’re simple to the point that you can enjoy them whenever (yet ideally, in a Bengali home).


  1. Aloo bhaja

Ask any Bengali and they’ll disclose to you that aloo bhaja or sear can never be misrepresented. Basic, matchstick-sized potatoes are rubbed with salt and turmeric, singed till they turn firm, and served. To have it with hot rice and musuri or masoor dal is a Bong’s definitive nourishment dream. Aloo bhaja is popular to the point that it’s even served at weddings! No dish can contrast and a respect that way, can it?


  1. Fish sear

Where there are Bengalis, there will be no less than one fish dish. In any case, angle broil or maachh bhaja is so straightforward and simple to influence that each Bengali to can concoct it for a supper, thus can you. Just rubbed with salt and turmeric, and singed in shorshe tel or mustard oil, this dish can be eaten with rice, or similarly as a nibble with chillies and onions.


  1. Started bhaja

While there are various veggies that enhance a Bengali thala or thali consistently, including potol or parwal broil, started bhaja or eggplant sear holds an exceptional place. Indeed, it’s essentially cooked with salt and turmeric. The seared started adds such a great amount to a basic vegan supper of dal and rice that a Bengali feels like he or she is really at a devour. No, we’re not exaggerating this dish. It’s basically that great!


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  1. Aloo posto

There’s a motivation behind why Bipasha Basu named her little pet Posto. This little fixing is to a great degree famous among Bengalis. Before you ask, posto is essentially poppy seeds. While it’s likewise cooked with cauliflowers and various different veggies, this innovation by Bengal’s dowagers is generally arranged with the other top choice, potatoes. Each posto dish additionally enables Bengalis to get in the state of mind for their bhaat ghoom, or evening snooze. No big surprise they cherish it to such an extent!


  1. Maachh-Bhaat

The easiest of fish curries, maachher jhol, is a Bengali top pick. Regardless of whether it’s cooked utilizing rahu or hilsa doesn’t make a difference as long as Bengalis get the chance to eat it with hot rice. Maachh-bhaat is a definitive solace nourishment for Bongs, and each and everybody of them can vouch for this reality. What’s more, for what reason not? A bowl loaded with rice and a straightforward curry is a blessing from heaven for each foodie.


Rather than taking off to eat at Durga Puja pandals with a parcel of acid neutralizers in your sack, for what reason not have any kind of effect this year. Simply approach your Bengali companions for an essence of these dishes, and you’ll really have the best of their cooking.


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